The Kickstart Biz is a straight-talking, boutique online marketing agency.

The internet has levelled the business playing field, and allows small and medium businesses to compete with big business like never before.  Unlike big companies whose in-house marketing teams are often constrained by slow moving bureaucracy, businesses who engage The Kickstart Biz, benefit from a small team that is able to respond to a rapidly changing online business environment.

This smarter, ‘fleet of foot’ approach delivers rapid results that big business struggles to achieve.

Suellen HughesSuellen Hughes, Digital Strategist, Owner and Founder is your primary point of contact at the Kickstart Biz.

With a Masters Degree in Business, Suellen started her own online business in 2007 after ending a 20 year corporate career in Human Resources and Management Consulting. She has, for over 20 years developed business and marketing expertise that has been adapted and applied to a variety of businesses.

Bringing her skills and experience to digital marketing has placed Suellen in a unique position: to inject high level business skills into effective online marketing.

Suellen plays to her strengths: digital marketing strategy, business performance improvement and business development.

Suellen is pragmatic and focused on working with business owners to find the solution that is best for their business and budget.  “I am an organised, problem-solver, solution-finder and I make things happen. I might not know the answer but I always know how to find it.”

We have developed strategic relationships with some of the most highly regarded niche experts in the online business world

We partner with experts in Website Design, Website Development, Copywriting, Online Advertising (PPC) , Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, Video Production and Social Media who support us in the delivery of premium digital marketing solutions.

By keeping our overheads low, we are able to provide exceptional value without the big agency fees. That doesn’t mean we compromise.

We stay on top of the latest trends and we partner with people who are outstanding in their field.  For you, that means we can find exactly the right team based on your needs, provide competitive pricing, fast turn around and innovative solutions.

We have a core team who look after your support needs and make sure that your website is performing as it should.

We manage multiple projects and scale our team based on our clients’ needs.  We hand select and partner with specialists who we know and trust to deliver work to the standard and turnaround times we promise.


Our Clients

We work with savvy entrepreneurs and motivated business owners, just like you.

We know that as a business owner you are busy and your day to day attention needs to be directed to running your business.  And because we understand how important it is for you that your website and online marketing works for you, rather than creates more work, our goal is to make it happen as seamlessly as possible – in a professional and cost effective way.

Because we want to work with you on an ongoing basis, we do not offer you over-priced services, nor do we deliver solutions that you cannot easily manage yourself.  We know that your success is our success: word-of-mouth referrals are priceless.

We’ve recently had the privilege of working with the following clients:

  • luk beautifood
  • A Healthy View
  • Urban Concierge
  • The Business Bakery
  • Getaway Guru
  • Kate Waterhouse
  • Communitere
  • Big Chief Removals
  • Cuffelinks
  • We Are Label
  • Style Angel
  • The Church Creative Space
  • Hands on Workshop
  • Mother Conference
  • Acumulus Cloud Bookkeeping

What our clients have to say

  • Testimonial Sharron-Del Wakely

    Thank-you taking the time to speak to me on the phone, as well as answering my emails so quickly. I was very excited and relieved to see my website back on line. Your quick and effective response to my website ‘crisis’ was wonderful and your practical and easy to understand advice, as always, very much appreciated.

    - Sharron-Del Wakely, Absolutely Fabulous Colour & Style

  • julia bickerstaff review

    Suellen saved my business! I’d been working with another web developer and found it so tortuous I almost gave up. Thank the stars Suellen appeared! She assembled a dream team and guided my concept from raw idea to well designed, easy to use resource. Two years later and Suellen is still an indispensable part of my business: she’s freed me up from the technical-anxious-making aspects of running an online business so I can focus on the stuff I’m good at. Hurrah!

    - Julia Bickerstaff, The Business Bakery

  • Robin Borrud

    Communitere’s expertise is in disaster relief, not web development. This became painfully clear as we grew and attempted to broaden our web presence to reach more people with a clear and inspiring message. In didn’t take long to realize that we did not have what it takes to create a site that represented our work properly and inspired people to join us in our mission.

    Luckily, Suellen and the Kickstart Biz team do have what it takes. They were incredibly effective at helping us to define and organize our needs, then provided practical solutions and the technical know how to bring those to life. At every turn, they have been quick, efficient, gracious, responsive, patient and a true pleasure to work with.

    - Robin Borrud, Communitere

  • Cindy Luken

    Suellen is a dream to work with. She makes happen what you don’t know needs doing to make your business successful online! She understands the growth phases of a business – its needs and resources, she enables your brand to adapt and have a WOW factor whilst automating back end and allowing a ‘virgin’ team to be hands on and produce results. We love her SOP’s…Standard Operating Procedures to reduce risk and enable stress-free growth. Thanks so much.

    - Cindy Luken, lük beautifood

  • Brenda Napier

    “Starting out as a sole trader , I was unsure of how to build my client base especially as marketing is not my strong suit. Suellen of The Kickstart Biz encouraged me to have my own website. She was spot on in suggested that directing potential customers to my website would be a soft sell approach I would feel comfortable with. Suellen came up with an easy to navigate layout and concise style which projected a professional image for my business. New clients often comment how much they like my website and it has proven to be an invaluable source of new business.”

    - Brenda Napier, Acumulus Cloud Bookkeeping

  • “The service was quick…easy and stress free. We now have a fantastic web site. Thank you”

    - Rhonda Penfold, Stylish Abodes

  • Leanne Anderson Getaway Guru

    “Suellen presents holistic solutions but also works to empower and resource business owners to maximise the success of their enterprise. She is the answer to business owners who are ready to look at their business to take it to the next and more successful level.”

    - Leanne Anderson, Owner, Getaway Guru

  • michele chevalley hedge review

    “Suellen and The Kickstart Biz team is exactly the type of business that any small business owner looking to expand and grow needs. Suellen helps A Healthy View in the area of online marketing strategy and social media. She is the guiding hand for someone who wants to grow their business. I am an expert in the area of nutrition and Suellen is an expert in online marketing, social media and web creation, providing the perfect support for my expanding business.”

    - Michele Chevalley Hedge, A Healthy View

  • Kathryn Mayne

    “From the very first design options Suellen nailed the brief and swiftly progressed fine tuning my vision and more! The process was easy and professional. I now have a website I can amended easily and also have Suellen’s ongoing support to change my website as my business journey continues.  I cannot recommend Kickstart Biz enough to give you that cutting edge and optimum online presence that is crucial in business today.”

    - Kathryn Mayne, Urban Concierge

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