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New Website & Backend Workflow

Getaway Guru provides an accommodation booking service for travellers looking for Australian owned properties to rent.


When Leanne, the business owner first contacted The Kickstart Biz, she had a website but was frustrated because she wasn’t able to update it herself.  She had to rely on her web developer to update it for her.  Not only that, when visitors to the site made an enquiry about a property, the backend workflow was very manual, requiring a lot of chasing, copy and pasting information to spreadsheets and very little automation.


We worked with Getaway Guru initially on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as the website had a lot of good content but the some of the onsite aspects of the site structure needed to be improved to ensure that the site ranked well for key search terms.

When Leanne was ready for a complete redesign of her website, we worked with her to firstly understand her business model, then to map out the processes in her business from when a visitor starts to search for a property, through to making an enquiry, confirming a booking and then collecting payment from the property owner.  Once we understood the processes, we then looked at how we could automate as much as possible to free up time and make the process more efficient.

At the same time, we starting working on a new website design for Getaway Guru that was contemporary and made it easy for travellers to search through options to find their ideal property.


  • A contemporary travel accommodation booking website
  • All key content on the site can be easily updated by the business
  • Property owners can load information and images about their own properties
  • Integrated and automated backend systems
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency

Leanne AndersonI have been working with Suellen for about 5 months now after first approaching her with a need for assistance with Search Engine Optimisation. Suellen worked with me to understand my business, my market and target audience to ensure my SEO strategies were maximised for success.

Having built trust and knowing that Suellen understood my business, she was the 1st person I thought of when I wanted to sit down and review my business model, approach and strategy. Suellen has worked with me to identify challenges in my current model and to devise solutions.

Along this journey has also come insightful solutions on systems and processes that I could implement to increase the efficiency of my business practices.

Suellen presents holistic solutions but also works to empower and resource business owners to maximise the success of their enterprise. She is the answer to business owners who are ready to look at their business to take it to the next and more successful level.  Leanne Anderson, Getaway Guru


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