Hands on Workshop :: eCommerce Site with Custom Shipping

eCommerce Site with Custom Shipping

Hands on Workshop (HOW) teaches how to be creative and make things through video tutorials and sells the kits in the online store.


Nicole McCarthy from Hands on Workshop had worked with a web developer on her start-up.  The website and online store was partially completed but the developer didn’t have the know-how to complete the work and get the shipping calculator and pricing working as Nicole wanted.


We took over the site, modified the design and way the shop functions making it easier to navigate and to cross-sell related products.  We installed and configured a shipping plugin which calculates shipping based on destination and volume of the order.


  • WordPress website with WooCommerce shopping cart
  • Customised shipping calculator
  • Optimised website design for increased cart value

Testimonial from Nicole

nicole mccarthy review

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