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New eCommerce Website

lük beautifood sells 100% natural, toxin-free, food active beauty products through an online store.


Cindy Luken Founder lük beautifood had created a range of beauty products which she wanted to start selling from an online eCommerce store.  Cindy didn’t want the website to look like a typical eCommerce website because she not only sells natural beauty products, she also educates women about the beauty of food and its importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It was also important to Cindy that the backend workflows integrated with some of the key systems she was already using including Mailchimp and a CRM system.  The site needed to be easy to maintain because the business was in start-up so funds were limited.


We worked closely with Cindy’s designer to create a beautiful website that enabled the sale of products and also featured a vast amount of information and recipes for website.  We made sure that the backend systems were integrated so that order processing and despatch, customer service and inventory management were automated as much as possible.


  • WordPress website with WooCommerce installed
  • WooCommerce extensions installed to streamline order processing and promotions & sales analysis reporting
  • Integrations set up between WooCommerce, Mailchimp and the CRM system to avoid manual data entry
  • Credit card facilities that offer the customer a secure + seamless branded experience without leaving the site
  • Training provided in SEO so team were able to make content search engine friendly
  • Google Analytics eCommerce goal tracking setup

cindy luken reviewSuellen is a dream to work with. She makes happen what you don’t know needs doing to make your business successful online! She understands the growth phases of a business – its needs and resources, she enables your brand to adapt and have a WOW factor whilst automating back end and allowing a ‘virgin’ team to be hands on and produce results. We love her SOP’s…Standard Operating Procedures to reduce risk and enable stress-free growth. Thanks so much.  Cindy Luken, Founder lük beautifood


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